Fast Action Doors

Reliable high speed doors

Fast Action Doors

The demand by todays industry calls for equipment which is reliable, functional and cost effective. Fast action doors offer all of the above, our custom made doors benefit businesses of all types from the food, pharmaceutical, engineering and the logistics industries. The three key reasons for installing a fast action door are highlighted below.

Fast Unrestricted Access 24 Hours a Day

Our doors are designed to provide fast access to all areas all of the time. With automatic opening via induction loops, radar, remote control to name a few there is no better transition from building to building or to an external area than a fast action door.

Conserve Energy & Reduce Heat Loss

Heating a building is a major overhead for most businesses. Busy traffic areas are normally ones with continually open doors, allowing heat to escape the building. Our fast action doors keep the heat in with their quick and reliable operation. Cost saving with minimal change.

Custom Sizes & Self-healing Doors

We can manufacture doors to suit your requirements, customising for security and functionality. With a large variety of colours, window placement and operation the possibilities are endless. Please contact us for further information.

Proactive Maintenance Programme

Looking to reduce repair costs? Check out our Proactive Maintenance Programme. Regular maintenance of loading bays ensures the safty of operators, extends longevity of the equipment and minimises downtime. We offer preventative maintenance service contracts to reduce ongoing maintenance & repair costs and minimise operational downtime. Read more…

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