Loading Bay Control Panels

Bring all the loading bay elements into one single panel

A fully compliant solution

A composite solution which brings all the loading bay elements in to one signal panel. The composite solution includes the following:
Front Panel

A view inside and outside of our new, safe composite solution.

Risk assessment considerations

Any electrically operated shelter, dock bridge and door is defined as a machine in it’s own right and is covered by the Machinery and Low Voltage Directives which cover machine and electrical safety.

The door is also covered by the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) for manual and electric doors.

When these products are brought together to complete a loading bay solution they combine to make a single machine and this is where a new risk assessment needs be done to ensure any new risks that are introduced are covered.

Three separate control panels with bad wiring installed onto a single door.

Installation on site. The control panel also has a simple menu driven interface which can be adapted to suit different languages.

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