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Dock Loading Lights, Traffic Lights, Wheel Guides, Bollards.

Traffic Lights

Effective traffic management systems can be an invaluable aid to efficiency, productivity and safety.

Traffic light systems can be used in a variety of installations where lights need to be visible to drivers from a distance. It is the ideal traffic control unit for use in loading bays and dock levelling installations where the driver is present in the cab.

For increased safety, the system can be interlocked and sequenced into the loading bay activation. When the light shows red to the vehicle driver, the vehicle is being loaded and when the light shows green to the driver, loading is complete and it is safe for the vehicle to drive away from the dock. Additional mimic lights can also be provided for greater communication between the driver and the loading bay attendant.

Dock Loading Lights

The dock loading light is an essential piece of loading bay equipment, as it provides improved safety and productivity on the loading dock for minimal cost.

The dock loading light has been designed so that it is safe and easy to use. Utilising a low voltage supply for complete safety and low-cost operation, the light can be positioned at any angle necessary. The intense LED light is used to achieve the best light conditions in the rear of the vehicle, employees will have a brighter and safer working environment, while helping to improve overall productivity.  

Wheel Guides & Trailer Stand Plates

Wheel guides sited on the floor, in front of the loading bay, increase safety and efficiency during loading/unloading and improve the lifespan of dock shelters considerably. Vehicles are forced to reverse correctly aligned, ensuring that the dock leveller lip is accurately positioned to the vehicle bed.  This also has the benefit of offering the optimum sealing of the dock shelter.

Large tubular steel wheel guides are designed to direct reversing traffic safely and quickly on to loading bays. Finished in a bright yellow the wheel guides are a strong visual aid to drivers as they reverse.

The sturdy all steel construction allows for the wheels of even a fully loaded triple axle maximum weight trailer to ride up the wheel guide, giving the driver a strong signal to stop and drive forward to reposition the truck correctly.

Getting large trailers aligned and docked safely on to goods bays is important especially when the warehouse is a chilled store and the bay has a shelter or seal around the docking bay to prevent the loss of expensive chilled air.

The wheel guides are 2 metres long and the standard width deployed between the wheel guides is 2.6 metres, the same as a trailer parking bay, but clearly sites differ and the positioning of the wheel guides should allow for any issues on a particular site.

As standard they are supplied in a highly durable and visible powder coated yellow for a good long lasting appearance, and can be mounted using bolts or can be cast in to the ground.


Bollards provide a simple, secure and cost effective method of protecting property and people from manouvering vehicles, such as trucks or forklifts. They can be mounted both indoors or outdoors either using bolts or can be cast in to the ground.

As standard they are manufactured from robust tubular steel and finished in a highly durable and visible powder coated yellow for a good long lasting appearance.

Internal Protection

Porcullis Site Services manufacture and install cost effective:
Reducing wear and tear on a building’s fabric and maintaining an overall higher standard of presentation.  The installation of internal protection lowers long term operating expenditure by extending the replacement and maintainence cycle.

Proactive Maintenance Programme

Looking to reduce repair costs? Check out our Proactive Maintenance Programme. Regular maintenance of loading bays ensures the safty of operators, extends longevity of the equipment and minimises downtime. We offer preventative maintenance service contracts to reduce ongoing maintenance & repair costs and minimise operational downtime. Read more…

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