Dock Levellers

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Custom-made Dock Levellers

Upgrading obsolete and inefficient dock loading installations to more modern functional demands have in the past been difficult. Replacing old dimensions and models often meant costly rebuilding and installation and most cases was not a viable option. Custom-made dock levellers enable every obsolete loading bay, regardless of origin, to be upgraded at a more affordable cost. Fast replacements and upgrades are now possible!

Telescopic Lip Dock Levellers

The Telescopic lip dockleveller, is a universal and more flexible docking system. Basically a dock leveller with a telescopic lip, it is suitable for every loading situation irrespective of its complexity. The key advantage over a standard leveller is the movable telescopic lip which is easily positioned precisely on the vehicle bed, this giving maximum load utilisation of the whole vehicle bed area.

Swing Lip Dock Levellers

The swing lip dock leveller is the most widely used solution within general industry applications and simple to operate. The dock-in process has to be exact due to the defined length of the swing lip. The swing lip dock leveller meets the standard demands required of a dock leveller within most loading operations and complies with all rules and regulations set by the European Standard EN 1398.

Edge of Dock Levellers

The Edge of Dock Leveller is the perfect solution where space is an issue or you need a dock leveller to replace your existing machine without the need to extract it. An Edge of dock leveller can be installed against a dock face or against a dock leveller which no longer works negating the need to replace it.

Manufactured to our same high standards it can you give you the same safe working loads as a Dock Leveller but taking up a fraction of the space.

Proactive Maintenance Programme

Looking to reduce repair costs? Check out our Proactive Maintenance Programme. Regular maintenance of loading bays ensures the safty of operators, extends longevity of the equipment and minimises downtime. We offer preventative maintenance service contracts to reduce ongoing maintenance & repair costs and minimise operational downtime. Read more…

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