Outstanding operational reliability from our self-heal fast action doors.

High Speed Self Healing Door

The HSDynamic high speed is our self healing door, offering proven individual system solutions for almost any technical requirements up to 5.0m wide x 5.0m high. All of our high-speed doors are manufactured in modular design and are almost maintenance free. This results in outstanding operational reliability, fast and inexpensive repairs when damage occurs, as well as low operating costs. This is especially true of this door with its patented rubber bottom edge virtually eliminating bottom rail repairs. High- speed doors protect from drafts, keep temperature zones at a constant temperature and insulate against noise. In addition to this, they help to improve the working atmosphere. The door can be fitted with complete all round safety controls i.e. photocells at low level housed on the door columns and fail safe op to-electric safety edge.


Door Design

The curtain is made from a Polyester fabric that is coated with colour impregnated PVC. On the Model HSD5050, the stability of the curtain is achieved via the proven aluminium profiles and at the bottom by the sturdy horizontal Soft Edge bottom profile. The side columns, manufactured from galvanised steel, are opened easily for maintenance. The standard version does not include a motor cover.

Door Drive Mechanism & Control Panel

The door is powered both up and down by a 415v 3PH/N/E geared brake motor. Controls consist of an integrated control panel that controls the entire door functions including the failsafe diagnostics required for the photocell and safety edge. Further benefits include as standard interlock capability, induction loop cross traffic detection and many others. The control panel is equipped with up and stop push buttons.

Safety Features

Photocell protection (standard) Electric safety edge (optional). Emergency opening lever All safety features are self-diagnostic and fail-safe.

Remote Controls

The doors can be supplied with additional remote controls. These fall into two categories, activation and safety. When wired to activate, they will open the door from its closed position, stop the door from closing when open and stop / reverse the door when closing. When wired to safety the features are the same as to activate however the door will not open when closed. Remote controls include induction loops, photocells, radar, push buttons, pull switch operation, radio or infrared controls.

Remote Controls

Self Healing Process

Proactive Maintenance Programme

Looking to reduce repair costs? Check out our Proactive Maintenance Programme. Regular maintenance of loading bays ensures the safty of operators, extends longevity of the equipment and minimises downtime. We offer preventative maintenance service contracts to reduce ongoing maintenance & repair costs and minimise operational downtime. Read more…

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