Shelter upgrade for refrigerated distribution centre

September 25, 2019

A before and after case study showing how old dock shelters can be economically upgraded to energy saving dock shelters with minimal disruption to operations.

Portcullis Site Services has been recently awarded a contract to upgrade a large refrigerated Distribution Centre’s loading bay shelters. The distribution centre required 30 loading bays upgraded to inflatable shelters, which would create a more effective seal between the trailer and the loading bay during loading and unloading. Utilising inflatable shelters around loading bays reduces the buildings energy consumption by minimising cool air loss to the environment during trailer docking.

The upgrade was undertaken in phases over a six (6) week period to minimise operational disruption to the distribution centre.

Bay 27 shows the original configuration of the dock shelter before the conversion by Portcullis.

Bay 28 shows the new steel work to create a robust frame to support and secure the new shelter equipment.

Bay 29 has the inflatable shelter fitted and flashed in to minimise water ingress and cold air egress. Yellow bumpers and yellow reflectors are fitted to maximise visibility to aid drivers reversing trailers onto the loading bay. Wheel guides are then fitted to help with trailer alignment backing onto the dock leveller (not shown here)

The new shelter is then reconfigured to interlock with the door, dock leveller and traffic light to prevent premature trailer movement. The shelter inflates automatically prior to door opening minimising cold air loss to the environment. Once loading or unloading is complete and the dock door is shut, the shelter deflates and triggers a green traffic light. This signals that the trailer is now able to move off safely.

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